wo ist der haken?
in collaboration: dominik bais and eric maget
steel, marble, porcelain, brick
haus der kunst, munich
architecture is the spatial embodiment of the social, which grants people scope and prestructures their actions, represents social claims to power and constitutes world and self attitudes. the architectural form as a medium of social ideas and thus as the visible and tangible image of social structures. a symbiosis, because just as the social givens determine the architectural structure, these in turn are influenced by the newly created structures. the installation wo ist der haken? addresses questions about the representation of architecture, its impact on society and its interactions between ideology and aesthetics using the example of the haus der hunst in munich. for this, building materials from the national socialist propaganda building were salvaged from the museum‘s air-raid shelter and subjected to the strictly symmetrical grid and order of the neoclassical building.