in collaboration with clara hilscher, sofia pomeroy and the archive of the academy of fine arts munich
performers: clara hilscher and sofia pomeroy 
cinematography: ​​​​​​​mark kuhlmann
director assistance: alexandra baringer and lukas schreiber
sound: antonia herdrich aka. princess go 
costume: dominik bais

used objects of the archive:
photograph of the political art event 'tag des zweirads', 1969 by branko senjor
stone torso, 1976 by ernst josef buhl
scooter, 1997 from olaf metzel 
music disc, 2018 by antonia herdrich aka. princess go 
image 'homage to prince luitpold academy of fine arts in munich, 1911 
the performance is based on the idea of activating historical materials of the archive of the academy of fine arts munich. the intuitive approach to the objects and images with the body and the possibilities of contemporary dance enables a current interpretation of the documents. the aim is both to 'build a bridge' to the past and to reveal a field of tension between the interpretation that emerges during the performance and the historical significance of the objects. in doing so, history is to be understood as fluid, which is transformed by the ever new view from the present.